Welcome to SmartForms 

The SmartForms Solution is an advanced online forms and services capability that provides government agencies with the ability to create, publish and maintain their online forms and transactions.

SmartForms services allow agencies to collect data digitally, and import this data into back-end systems such as databases or Content Management Systems to complete business processing. Using SmartForms services to deploy online forms leads to processing efficiencies through improved data accuracy and completeness of form submissions by end-users, saving both the government and end-users time and money.

There are many significant benefits to both users and government agencies that include:

  • Reduced time to complete forms
  • Reduced number of forms
  • Reduced turnaround time and costs
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased security


Please note:
The SmartForm Solution is undergoing an upgrade and website registrations are currently unavailable.
Once the project is complete a small study will be undertaken to determine the need for registration.  Until then, website information will be limited and registration will remain unavailable.

To find out how you can benefit from the upgraded SmartForms Solution, please register your email address with Agency.Engagement@industry.gov.au